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A blog featuring author and illustrator stories on the popular Hazy Dell Press children's books including Monster ABC, Goodnight Krampus and Get Dressed, Sasquatch!

Emerald City Comicon 2017: A Hazy Dell Press recap

Kyle Sullivan

When 100,000 passionate, enthusiastic fans of comics, books, movies and TV shows gather in one place, it’s bound to be a memorable event. And when such an event is held in Seattle, the goodwill and pleasantness percolating through the crowd becomes almost visibly tangible. The 15th annual Emerald City Comicon (Mar 2-5) lived up to its reputation as being one of the happiest and most energetic events on the Hazy Dell Press events calendar. (Oh, and by the way, please subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be in the know on all upcoming Hazy Dell Press events!)

What Do Batman and Wednesday Addams Have in Common?
It always feels great to meet new fans and reconnect with fans from previous events, but it’s especially exciting when these otherwise normal citizens show up as some of our favorite characters like Batman or Wednesday Addams. Batman has an incredibly packed schedule and a city hanging in the balance and Wednesday is about as discerning a customer as they come—the fact that they’re both fans of Monster ABC and Goodnight Krampus makes it all worthwhile.

Little Krampus' Debut Comicon
Speaking of Goodnight Krampus: the little guy made his ECCC debut this year and received a very positive response. Selling a Christmas-oriented book in March can be a difficult proposition, but many ECCC and Hazy Dell Press fans only need to hear that we’re offering a children’s board book called Goodnight Krampus and they’re in no matter what time of year it is. No further conversation required. This is one of the many reasons these people are our people and we’re very happy to be surrounded by hordes of them once a year.

Baby Clothes Can Be Hilarious
In addition to Goodnight Krampus, ECCC was the worldwide debut of the Hazy Dell Press apparel line. We were very happy to see people scoop up sweatshirts, tees, totes, onesies and more. The H is for Hobgoblin onesie sold out by Sunday morning, making it the runaway crowd favorite. It features the Hobgoblin character from Monster ABC with the inscription, “H is for Hobgoblin who smells like a fart.” We had a feeling that parents would jump on the opportunity to outfit their babies in onesies that include the word “fart,” and we were more than validated. If you didn’t get a chance to pick one up (or any of the other Hazy Dell Press apparel featuring Sasquatch, Chupacabra and more), you can head over to our Threadless shop for a wide variety sizes, colors and products types.

Hazy Dell Press' little corner of ECCC. Source:  Hazy Dell Press . 

Hazy Dell Press' little corner of ECCC. Source: Hazy Dell Press

Thanks for Including Hazy Dell Press
For us, one of the best things about ECCC is when fans proudly post their Comicon hauls on social media and one of our products is included. ECCC fans bring so much passion to the books, comics, shows and movies they love, and it’s beyond inspiring when fans give Hazy Dell Press receives a tiny corner in the world that includes the Ninja Turtles, Jack Skellington, Batman, Wednesday and all the thousands of characters that inspired us to start making stories in the first place.

Comic con haul. I think we did well. #comiccon #rickandmorty #seattle #monsterabc

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If you didn’t make it to ECCC 2017, be sure to get to the Washington State Convention Center for ECCC 2018—we’ll be there with new books, apparel, prints and posters. Come say hi in whatever form you’d like.