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New Picture Book

Hazel and the Spooky Season

Don't miss the must-have Halloween picture book of the year!

Hazyscapes #2

The Mirror People

Creepy doppelgängers lurk
in the shadows in our latest
middle-grade thriller.

New Picture Book

Klyde the Kraken Wants a Friend

From Alaskan author Brooke Hartman and Italian illustrator Laura Borio.

Hazy Dell Love & Nurture Series

You're My Little Legend

"A reminder of what truly matters, whatever species you may be."
—Illustoria Magazine

Our newest, most huggable picture book!

Klyde the Kraken Wants a Friend

Wrap your tentacles around your own copy of Klyde the Kraken Wants a Friend, a hilarious tale of social-emotional learning on the high seas.

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Ages 8-12

Reserve your copy before they sell out once again.

Mothman Baby is (nearly) back!

It sure didn't take long for Mothman Baby! to sell out worldwide, but now the popular book is available again and set to ship June 2023. Be sure to place a back-order now to claim your copy (or copies) so Mothman Baby doesn't fly away before you have the chance to bring 'em home.

Artist Spotlight: Laura Borio

Artist Spotlight: Laura Borio

Laura Borio was born in Turin, Italy, in 1986. The moment her parents put colored pencils in her hands, she decided to try them on the kitchen walls. And she hasn’t stopped drawing since. In 2008, Laura attended a comic book illustration course that changed her life, opened her mind, and propelled her down the career path of a children’s book illustrator. 
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New Educational Guides and Resources

New Educational Guides and Resources

Climb up to your crow's nest and gaze across the horizon—thar blows free education guides and activities! Take a look at our newest offerings in this post, and be sure to visit our Education and Activities resources page for the full suite of free resources that add educational context and creative time fun for all Hazy Dell Press titles. 
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Artist Spotlight: George Bletsis

Artist Spotlight: George Bletsis

George spoke with Hazy Dell Press about manifesting the Loch Ness Monster, making characters "act", and his childhood love of Goosebumps, Animorphs, and all things horror and sci-fi.
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