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Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to Hazy Dell Press.

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting:

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting:

If you’re an illustrator looking for commissioned work, please feel free to send a link to your online portfolio to the email address linked to below.

If you’d like to submit a book, please note that we are currently only accepting submissions for children’s board books, children’s picture books, middle readers and YA novels.

When submitting, please include a brief overview (your pitch) of what you’re submitting. Please make sure your submission is in line with the titles previously published by Hazy Dell Press. For instance, if your submission doesn’t promote empathy, diversity and imagination, it’s probably not a good fit for Hazy Dell Press.

If your submission meets the above criteria, please follow these technical guidelines when submitting via email:

Make sure your email is less than 5MB.

All images should be submitted as JPEGs or a PDF.

Include your contact info, including phone number, in both your email body and on the attachments themselves. Please also include your email address on the attachment.

Please make sure your board book is between 16 and 30 pages and no more than 300 words; pictures books should be between 24 and 50 pages and between 200 and 1,200 words.

For board book and picture book submissions, please include a full plot summary as well as an attachment of the complete draft of the text.

For middle reader and YA novel submissions, please include a full plot summary, character sketches and at least 2 drafted chapters of your proposed book.

For author/illustrators or author and illustrator duos, please include at least 2 completed spreads of your proposed book along with rough sketches of the remaining spreads.

A refreshing change from saccharine kids’ stories.
Seattle Times
Unlike any other books for children.
Willamette Week
Hilarious and energetic.
School Library Journal
Buoyant silliness and a positive message.