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Hazy Dell Press Apparel at Threadless.com ✨

Hazy Dell Press Apparel at Threadless.com ✨

One of our most frequently asked FAQs is: "Does Hazy Dell Press sell shirts, hoodies, etc.?" And our answer is a resounding, "Yes!", though we don't sell them on this site. Dozens of Hazy Dell Press designs and apparel types are available on Threadless.com, printed on demand in whatever size, style, and color you choose. There are quite a few options, so we're here to highlight just a few of our favorites to help you sift through the possibilities.

Monster ABC Men's V-Neck (Black; $22.45)

If you're having trouble choosing just one monster to rep, why not rep them all at once? Our most popular design showcases all 26 monsters from our best-selling board book, Monster ABC. And this design isn't just popular for children's t-shirts and baby onesies: it's our most popular design for adult sizes and home accessories as well!


Bigfoot vs. Aliens Women's Fitted (Light Yellow; $22.45)

Our newest middle-grade book cover also happens to make an excellent t-shirt. Showcase your love for cryptids, paranormal adventure, and pulpy middle-grade novels with the cover design for Bigfoot vs. Aliens, available in a wide array of options, including the stylish fitted women's t-shirt shown here.


H is for Hobgoblin child's t-shirt (Powder blue; $22.45)

When it comes to our popular H is for Hobgoblin design, you have one question to ask yourself: To fart or not to fart? In addition to to the version shown here with the words "H is for Hobgoblin," we also offer a slightly more mischievous version (dare we say, a slightly more fun version?) with the words from the Hobgoblin page in Monster ABC: "H is for Hobgoblin who smells like a fart." Whichever version you choose, you can't go wrong with this stinky little devil emblazoned on your clothing.

The Cyclops Witch and the Heebie-Jeebies shower curtain ($57.95)

We're going to go out on a limb and guess that whatever your shower curtain happens to be right now, it's not nearly as fun as this one. Make every shower a party by inviting the Cyclops Witch, Lenore, the Heebie-Jeebies, Mothman, Vampire, and the Sea Beast to stand guard while you wash your hair and recite your favorite verses from your favorite picture book. But don't forget to shop around: there are 20 shower curtain options available with Hazy Dell Press designs in our Threadless shop.


Hazy Dell Press logo shirt women't tri-blend (blue; $28.95)

And finally, you can't go wrong supporting all our books at once by donning the logo for the best children's book publisher in the land. The Hazy Dell Press logo design looks excellent on shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and home apparel, (including pillows!), but from a sheer comfort perspective, we highly recommend the tri-blend t-shirt option shown here. A go-to for Hazy Dell Press staff members, the tri-blend t-shirts have a nice vintage feel and unmatched softness that never seems to diminish no matter how many times you send them through the spin cycle.