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Website Exclusive: Free Stickers for the Spooky Season

Website Exclusive: Free Stickers for the Spooky Season


Available only at hazydellpress.com (the website you're reading now!), pre-orders fo our forthcoming picture book, Hazel and the Spooky Season, will receive an eerie-sistable 8x8" die-cut sticker sheet featuring Hazel, Ronnie Pumpkinseed, and other delightfully spooky icons of Halloween. 

Sticker sheet supplies are limited, so don’t wait to claim yours by pre-ordering Hazel and the Spooky Season. Pre-ordered books (and sticker sheets) will ship in September 2023.

Hazel and the Spooky Season is written by Kyle Sullivan and illustrated by Jess Mason. It's the story of Hazel, a girl who takes after many Hazy Dell Press readers: she loves nothing more than the spooky season. Sadly, n
obody in her town seems to share her love, which leaves Hazel with feelings of alienation and loneliness. Everything changes when Hazel receives a visit from Ronnie Pumpkinseed, a supernatural pumpkin-headed ambassador for all things spooky. Ronnie teaches Hazel a special word for what she feels inside—Halloween!—and helps Hazel find the courage to be herself and follow her heart, even when it's scary.